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Tennessee. Move here, be queer.

(Or even just queer-friendly. That's fine.)

Life can be pretty sweet in Tennessee, especially if you're straight and non-trans. Throw in "white" and "male" and you're golden!

For LGBTQ, life's a bit more difficult, and we sure could use a few more friends down here. If you're thinking of making a fresh start somewhere and you believe in equality for all, we hope you'll consider Tennessee.


Read on to find out what's in it for you. You may find yourself packing your bags (and your wonderful liberal values) and heading for the Volunteer State.


*Wouldn't this be amazing if these billboards actually existed? But alas, they do not. These are just artist renderings. Although Nashville's "Princess" definitely deserves a real billboard of her own...

Extra Change in Your Pocket

Move to Tennessee and enjoy a lower cost of living and lower unemployment than the national average. Plus, we have no state income tax.


Of course, you can legally be fired and denied a job if you're LGBTQ, but if you're not, it's all good!

More Bang for Your Real Estate Buck

Won't you be our neighbor? Tennessee's home prices are just under the national average, and it's a great time to buy here, especially in Nashville.


Bonus: if you're not LGBTQ, you won't have the risk of legally being denied housing because of your sexuality or gender identity!

Business Couldn't Be Better

Conservatives love to brag about Tennessee's wonderful business economy, and we think bleeding-heart liberals should get in on the action down here, too. Tennessee really is a great place to do business and rack up some revenue.

Also, if you're not LGBTQ, you don't have to worry about being denied service anywhere, that distinction is reserved only for the rainbow crowd. (And it's not just wedding cake bakers; any company can refuse service to LGBTQ in Tennessee, all perfectly legal.)



The New Rainbow Capital of the World?

The gayest.




Imagine if LGBTQ and our allies came together - with purpose - to make the most welcoming place on the planet, where every person is celebrated, no matter their sexuality or gender identity. Imagine if we could do that in the South, y'all!


Some of us think Tennessee could be that place, and we hope you'll think so, too. Come join us and help grow our "family" in one of the most beautiful states in the country. Glitter, leather, backwards snapback, business suit, PTA tote bag, ally t-shirt... We want to welcome you all.


It's all about numbers, you see. Yes, it's a radical idea. But we know there are wonderful, LGBTQ-accepting and supportive people all over the US, all over the world. Sadly, we're in short supply of folks like that in Tennessee, and that's less than helpful to LGBTQ. How would you like to help balance us out?


​Tennessee's low cost of living, great business economy, and booming real estate market make our state attractive to just about everybody, especially if you have money -- every dollar goes further than a lot of other parts of the US. We've also got a world-class music scene, pro sports, and amazing outdoor life. Lots for everybody to love (click here more). Especially, like we said, if you're straight and non-trans (and white, and male), but we're working to make it better for everyone..


Maybe you live in a deep blue state, and while you enjoy being around so many like-minded people, you know there are places that are struggling, and you sometimes wonder what it would be like to help create real change (we see you, California and New York). It's also incredibly cheap, compared to a lot of places, and you truly can live like a queen (or king) here.

Or maybe you live in a deep red state, and like us, feel your numbers are too low to help create the life you want to live. Maybe you wonder if there is another way, a place to join forces and make life better for yourself, as well as others.

If you're supportive of LGBTQ rights, looking for a new adventure, are called to spread love and fairness in the world - we could use your help to secure equality for everyone in Tennessee. There is great power in numbers, and we would be thrilled if you'd consider adding your voice - and votes - to our own, and help us make our state the new Rainbow Capital of the World.

It's all about love. Y'all come!